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High access cleaners,

tall building maintenance

High access cleaning, repair, inspection, abseilers: safety first every time

We are those crazy guys you wave at from your office desk as we glide down your building with cleaning products or paint brushes. We can clean or maintain your high-rise building, or any building with tricky access. You can rely on our experience with over 16 years spent on the outside of Sydney’s tallest towers and iconic buildings.


We’ve cleaned the Sydney Opera House, we can clean anything


No rush, just careful planning and attention to safety

At heights and risk levels like those we face daily, every job is different and safety is paramount. We can safely wave back at you as we cruise past your window because we’re following every rule in the book to keep our people safe. We’ll assess every site, adjust our approach and come up with a solution that’s safe, fast and good value for you.


What we do

Repair – retain us to tackle repairs in the trickiest locations

Paint – including rendering, staining and paint removal 

Clean – we’ll spend all day making your building the sparkliest one in town

Maintain – buildings need regular care, book us in for regular maintenance works

Inspect­ – our experienced staff will arrange access and report back to you

Install – any high or difficult access job should be done with right equipment, skills and attitude. Do it once, do it properly with Updown Access.


We’ve cleaned, maintained and painted many of Sydney’s CBD buildings, but we don’t stop there. If you’re in Sydney, the Central Coast, ACT, Melbourne, Brisbane

and even overseas we can help you. You don’t have to be in a CBD high-rise either. We’ve worked on construction sites, high-rise buildings, strata buildings, shopping centres, hospitals and schools.


We use industrial rope access (abseiling) instead of conventional scaffolding and stages. This allows us to take on any job,

no matter how tall the building or challenging the access.


You can trust our experience and commitment to safety, you can be sure we will work to your budget and timeframes. Every project is different, and we’ll approach yours with experience and skills gained over nearly 20 years in the high access industry.  


If you require safe, efficient, high access work on your property please contact us at Up Down Access and tell us where you are and what you need.

UP DOWN ACCESS traded as Brazil Abseilers/Brazil Clean is committed

to delivering high quality results. We work closely with clients to understand the requirements so that we can structure a safe, efficient and environmentally sound approach with minimised risk.

We deliver in line with cost, scope and time.The company management team combines industry knowledge with corporate sector and project management experience.

UP DOWN ACCESS employs reliable and motivated people who are integral

to our business. Their experience, initiative and enthusiasm create a dynamic approach towards the company and clients.

Clients we work with: